Update – Ideas for drainage improvement around your property

May 15, 2018

The previous post “Ideas for drainage improvement around your property” dated May 03, 2018 presented four ways by which a citizen can act:

  • Check condition of streets and storm drains
  • Check condition of nearby drainage features
  • Add drainage trenches
  • Replace hard surface driveways, sidewalks, and patios with permeable materials

Two examples of these were featured in a May 13, 2018 Houston Chronicle article entitled “Harvey propels surge in activism – Fort Bend County residents unite to avert flooding repeat” by Emily Foxhall and Brooke A. Lewis.


The article states that citizens are taking matters into their own hands as the next hurricane season approaches.  For example, more than 130 residents in one Fort Bend watershed area formed an association to advocate for improvements.  In two other neighborhoods homeowners researched the details of their protective levees and the improvement districts that designed and built them.

Groups like these are concerned with the accuracy of the flood zone mapping and lobbying for federal disaster relief funding, which is often the primary source to finance drainage improvement projects.

A prime example of individual action is a retired 58-year old engineer who lives in Englewood Place in an older portion of Sugar Land.  He noted that an underground passageway designed to drain storm water from a nearby golf course was clogged.  He notified the Sugar Land city engineer, kept up with progress, and eventually noted that the problem was corrected.

Readers, have you become more involved in flood control and drainage issues in your area?  What caused you to take action and what were you able to accomplish?