Personalized Report

HydroGeo Advisory will investigate multiple factors affecting your flooding risk for any area in the continental United States.

For all properties we will obtain for you and summarize:

  • NFHL Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM)
  • Detailed topography
  • Drainage features
  • NFIP Community Ratings System status

Depending on availability we will also include:

  • Wind storm risk assessment
  • Storm surge model
  • Map of damage to nearby structures in recent storm event
  • Map of insurance claims to NFIP in your vicinity for recent strom event
  • Hurricane evacuation routes map

Why get a personalized report?

  • For peace of mind regarding your property purchase or choice of where to live
  • To evaluate your need for flood insurance. Is your property eligible for a discounted rate?
  • To consider whether drainage improvement work or mitigation efforts around your property could potentially be worthwhile. Could you preserve your property value or reduce your insurance premium?
  • Be better prepared for the next major storm. Should you evacuate? Which nearby areas or roads are likely to be flooded? What is your evacuation route?

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